GGCCircPeck.jpg (92271 bytes)

I am currently working on an application GenGCode which I hope will be of some use to others who have an interest in CNC. It is not CAD software. The purpose of the application is to generate G-Code for various pocket, slotting, and drilling routines as defined by the user in a set of easy to use screens. The software is perfect for Taig or Sherline sized mills but it can be used with any size of equipment, including wood routing tables. The only caveat I would add at this point is that if you are unfamiliar with the concept of alpha software that you wait until it is in beta form, which will happen some time this June.

The software is currently in alpha state but this fourth version is functional. The ZIP file is password protected, to get the password please email me at, and I will mail you back a password within 24 hours, probably sooner. 

New alpha 4 release, includes:

* Rectangular Pocket Milling  *  Circular Pocket Milling  * Circular Drilling  * Grid drilling *  Slot Milling * Ellipse *

There is a Yahoo group for information and discussions on GenGCode, if you are interested then please join here.

System Requirements: Windows 98 (may require additional runtime libraries)  NT, 2000, XP. I have only tested it on Win 2000 at this time and the few Win98 systems I have access to. This is a new copy of ALPHA4, I've removed the time limitation. The password remains the same, if you've forgotten it, email me for it. 

Download GenGCode The zip file is password protected, email me at to get it.

Release Notes for Version Alpha 4.

If you have any problems installing the software please contact me

Below are some sample screen shots

GGCRect.jpg (98942 bytes) Rectangle Pockets (The little sprite that moves up and down when you click on the simulation button for now runs on canned data)
GGCCircPock.jpg (101132 bytes) Circular Pockets. 
GGCCircPeck.jpg (92271 bytes) Circle Drilling (You can now specify both a starting and ending angle so in effect you have arc based drilling)
GGCOptions.jpg (68702 bytes) Main options panel (not working until Alpha 5, would love to get more feedback)
GGCTool.jpg (63028 bytes) Sample Tool List, there will be multiple Tool Lists in future (inspired by John Stevenson)
GGCEllipse.jpg (88717 bytes) Ellipse, not pockets, but could do in future.